The Abbey Loop Walk

The Abbey Loop 5km walk at Dromahair takes you on a journey through a rural and built landscape shaped by history , from the Medieval period of monks and chieftains, Elizabethan plantation , the 19th century planned village, the industrial age of railways and not least through the diverse natural heritage of rivers, streams and hills farmed by countless generations.

Brochure Guide  Here you may download and print our brochure-guide in both Gaeilge and English where the history of some of the landmarks is outlined. In the centrepiece are symbols of local history St Francis sculpture, Diarmuid Mc Murrough, Salamander  from the Spanish Armada and the Railway – against a background of the Book of Armagh leather satchel which contained Irelands earliest written records , featuring Droma Lios.

The  Route  In the centrepiece here the circular route can be seen, passing clockwise southwards through the village with its 19th century planned layout, past shops, substantial and smaller private houses, many with front gardens which is unusual for an Irish village. The route passes by historic sites such as Villiers Castle , behind which are the ruins by the river of O Rourkes Hall. Crossing over the Bonet River by Dervorgilla Bridge , continuing south towards the Railway Station.


Here, turning right at the old level crossing, An Bealach Glas ( the Greenway ) leads along the path of the railway track through the ecologically diverse vegetation on to the next gate house. Then, heading northwards through picturesque farmland, a majestic view of the Sleeping Giant mountain feature comes into view. On by the roadside and a left turn brings you to the magnificent ruins of Creevelea Abbey. From here the circle is completed by passing the waterfalls and crossing over a footbridge alongside the historic Abbey Hotel.

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Local Sculptor Seamus Dunbar completes a Milestone for An Babhún on the Abbey Loop


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TG4 . Telefís na Gaeilge . Bealach Glas agus An Lúb.

This is a  2-minute TG4 item about Dromahair, the place name milestones carved by Seamus Dunbar , situated along the Abbey Loop walk, and the Ciorcal Gaelach which meets in Stanfords around 12 pm on Saturdays.

From Crank and Cog 

The SLNCR Working Group celebrate the fruits of their phenomenal work and the generous support of landowners along the Long Stretch with the opening of The Green Way , the first length of the Leitrim Rail Trail.


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