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Kilcoosey School Event


At DROMAHAIR LIBRARY  July 4th 4.30 2019

A framed photograph of the pupils from 1930 taken at Kilcoosey School will be presented to Dromahair Library by a member of  Dromahair Heritage group, Garreth Byrne, who has  researched the history of some schools in the area .

All are  welcome  to attend and  relive memories in the company of a former teacher at the school, Mrs Anne Devlin. Discussion and further information on the history of the school and former students are most welcome.



2 thoughts on “Kilcoosey School Event

  1. Hi I’m looking for some
    Information on the old mill at the Clubhouse in dromahair
    In particular the mill masters house I would be very great full for any info or pictures you might have thanks

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    • Hi John. This is Garreth Byrne. I’ll be happy to send you data on the history of Dromahair mill and the Hoseys. The millmaster’s house is late Victorian and built by the Lane Fox agent for the mill manager. My article on the history of the Dromahair mill and the new mill at the railway station built in 1909-1911 will appear in the new Leitrim Guardian 2020 to be launched at the end of November 2019.

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