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I Remember…

Heritage Saturday

The heritage group are hosting this café style event, where in a relaxed atmosphere, small groups can get together to celebrate the richness of our shared past and present culture in the wider Dromahair area. Photographs are precious mementos and bring the past to life. Bring along your old photos and albums you think might be interesting for others. An experienced archivist can make a digital copy of selected photos on the day for you, and if you wish they can be added to a community online archive.

2 thoughts on “I Remember…

  1. Fair days were held on the third Thursday of every month, the main street was full of animals offered for sale. Farmers also sold eggs and vegetables. Fairs ended sometime around the mid to late sixties. I’d like to know when the last market was held in market street.

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  2. Merchants came with fresh sea fish from Sligo and country people were happy to buy this. Other individuals set up stalls selling boots, wellingtons and clothing. The morning after the fair council workers were busy hosing down the smelly street. If anybody has photos of the village on fair days, please let us make copies and post them up on this website.

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