Music and  Words – O’Rourkes Feast
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Music and Words – O’Rourkes Feast

Planxty O’Rourke by Mc Gauran & Carolan. Singer: Sean O Sé April 6th, 1589: “How naughtily O’Rourke hath always carried himself…He caused a picture of Her Majesty [Queen Elizabeth I] to be drawn at a horse tail and kept his Christmas according the the Pope’s computation” ” One of O’Carolan’s earliest friends was Hugh MacGauran, a … Continue reading

Leean Mountain : A complex and vast prehistoric landscape
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Leean Mountain : A complex and vast prehistoric landscape

“The Archaeological Landscape of Leean Mountain, Co. Leitrim” by Thorsten Kahlert and Tatjana Kytmannow. “A multi-seasonal landscape project, ‘Leean in Context’  uncovered a complex and vast prehistoric landscape embedded in a Early to Post Medieval pastoral landscape….. Since the first field season 2003 over 50 sites were recorded…” from the Standing Stone website . Continue reading